IDL Ability

 ▲Since 2005, CSC has successfully registered IDL for lots of abroad and domestic products, and never failed.

 ▲CSC established the technical department by its own staffs, which enables CSC to fulfill the confidentiality of the registration dossiers, and makes the work of the IDL registration direct, efficiency and successful, and also earned a good credibility from CFDA.

 CSC has constantly improved its IDL work, the confidential system and the management work of the CTD dossiers through its years of successful experience, which is the fundamental guarantee that CSC’s application work won’t fail, the CTD dossiers won’t be leaked.

     In 2008, after the merge with an enterprise directly under the central government which was managed by the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the State Council. It enabled CSC to be named with the title of “China”.- China Shanghai Chinopharma Ltd (CSC),  which further promotes CSC’s good reputation and the trust from CFDA.

     Through years of IDL application experience, CSC has built up channels of communication with CFDA.

 ▲With the stable professional team and its own modern lab, CSC has certain ability to supplement and improve the registration dossiers.

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