Tell China's drug regulatory stories to the world

Jul. 19, 2019

Updated: 2019-07-18

National Medical Products Administration launches English-language website
The National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) of the People's Republic of China launched its official English-language website on July 18, a move to disseminate the agency's drug regulatory information and related online public resources after its establishment.

The newly-launched website will not only play a role in spreading China's voices, telling China's stories and showcasing China's image in drug regulation to the world, but will also enhance international exchanges and increase China's international presence in the field.

A uniform style for the Chinese and English language websites
The design of the English language website incorporates concepts from the NMPA's Chinese site. It uses the same color, and posts many of the same columns, including About NMPA, News, Laws&Regulations, Regulatory Information, Policies Interpretation, Popular Science, Drugs, Medical Devices and Cosmetics. With the two sites' consistent style and content the NMPA hopes to satisfy high aesthetic demands and doubly emphasize its mission and responsibilities.

In the future, information will be synchronously updated on both sites to ensure that China's strong voice of regulation over drugs, medical devices and cosmetics is heard around the world.

Meeting the needs of readers of the English language
The English language website, NMPA's international communication platform, was designed and produced with international and reader-oriented concepts in mind. Its fashionable and eye-catching layout shows a user-friendly style.
For example, the four slideshows on the home page give users updated news of the NMPA and the Regulatory Information column visually explains NMPA policies on drug regulation in a vivid manner. The website also provides a mobile version, making it easily accessible on a mobile device.

Building a bridge that connects to the world
The English language website publishes information about the leadership and organization of the NMPA as well as the responsibilities of its departments and affiliated institutions. It is an easily-accessed and transparent way for foreign netizens to learn more about the NMPA and its important role. 
Furthermore, the website will gradually establish and open the relevant drug database for public search. More refreshing and appealing forms like videos, infographics, specials and cartoons will be used to present the content, making the website a bridge connecting the NMPA and the world.