Chinopharma Ltd

●  2019 CSC became one of 2 local companies in Shanghai who is granted with permit license of dealing with anesthetic and psychoactive drugs.
             SHHY (wholly-owned subsidiary of CSC) is founded in Hyderabad.
●  2018 CSC was renamed as China Chinopharma Ltd.
●  2017 CSC set up its Indian office, and completed supplementary notice of 55 APIs in this year. 
●  2015 CSC’s sales volume exceeds 29 million US dollars.
●  2013 CSC published Business Guide to China’s Pharmaceutical Market- India Edition.
●  2011 CSC hosted the CPHI India-China Pharmaceutical Business Conference under the request of Consulate General of India in Shanghai.
●  2010 CSC built its own modern laboratory. CSC was the first company doing  so among all Chinese pharmaceutical trading companies, which can meet
             urgent requirements both from suppliers and customers.  
               CSC audited Cadila Pharmaceutical Ltd with a Chinese FDF customer and assumed all costs. CSC was the first company doing so among all
             Chinese pharmaceutical distribution companies.
●  2008 The merger of two companies were completed and the company was renamed as China Shanghai Chinopharma Ltd (CSC) and GSP certificate was
             granted to CSC by Shanghai FDA .
●  2005 CSC set up registration department with its own staffs which is responsible for MA registration solely. CSC was the first company doing so among all
             Chinese pharmaceutical trading companies.
●  2004 CSC introduced the business cooperation model of entering China market with zero risk to Indian drug manufacturers, and CSC is the first company
             who raised this model in the pharmaceutical business between India and China.
             With this business model, CSC chooses the products and bears all MA fees.
●  2003 CSC successfully introduced a commercial theory into Indian pharmaceutical industry that exclusivity is the sole business mode that suits the China
             market, CSC is the first company who raised this theory in the pharmaceutical business between India and China.
             Dr.Reddy's Laboratories Ltd (DRL), appointed CSC as its exclusive  sales agent for Dextromethorphan HBr for 3 years in China market including
             MNCs. From 2003 to 2005, the volume of Dextromethorphan HBr that CSC purchased from DRL was over 10 times than the total volume that DRL
             had sold in the past 3 years in China.
             Meanwhile, it made Wockhardt’s sales volume shrink to one third of DRL.
             At present, most of Indian pharmaceutical companies operate the Chinese market by appointing exclusive agency, such as Alembic, Piramal,
             Wockhardt, Zydus and so on.
             In the same year, CSC was approved by 'Good Supply Practice' (called 'GSP' in short).
●  2002  CSC was founded through a capital injection from China Worldbest Group Co., Ltd. 
              In the same year, CSC obtained 'License for pharmaceutical trading' issued by CFDA.