In March 2008, CSC established a new warehouse with total area of more than 1200M2, including normal temperature storeroom, cool storeroom, non-drug cool storeroom, contamination storeroom, freezer with temperature ranging from 2 to 8°C.

In July 2018, CSC established a new normal-temperature storeroom with 700M2 covering area.

So far, the total area of warehouse comes up to 1900M2.

In 2019, CSC equipped with control substance category II warehouse space with certification, being the 2nd distribution company who has such certification and facility in Shanghai.

CSC’s new warehouse and transportation capacity have been audited and approved by numerous MNC’s Chinese factories as well as NMPA.

Safe and efficient stock management for each product is the guarantee for CSC to deliver any product to any customer in China within 5 days.