34 IDL certificates:CSC had been granted by NMPA from 2006 to 2017.
20 API products:CSC passed CDE’s technical review (A) by end of 2018.
25 API products:CSC has finished joint-application work with FDF customers which is in BE/CT phase.
44 API products with registration no. ( I ) :CSC awaits NMPA’s final approval, 7 of them are IDL expired products.
152 API products:CSC is preparing register submission to NMPA.
52 products from India:CSC has commercialized by end of 2018. 
281 products: CSC signed exclusive agency agreements with over 60 pharmaceutical manufacturers.
700 FDF customers:CSC has good business relationship in China market.
Over 37 million US dollars:CSC’s annual sales volume in 2018.
Over 3300 products &1000 companies:CSC built its own data base.