CHINA CHINOPHARMA LTD(CSC) was established in 2002, we are an agency company who specializes in dealing with pharmaceutical products, based on the Chinese market. CSC is one of 123 local GSP  (Good Distributing Practice) approved companies in Shanghai who was granted with GSP certificate, and became one of 2 local companies in Shanghai who is granted with permit license of dealing with anesthetic and  psychoactive drugs.

Product category: API, formulation, excipient, intermediate, plant herbal extract.

Coverage of agency: MA application in China, patent application, trademark registration, sales & marketing.

Importing modeCSC finalizes products with overseas suppliers based on patent, manufacturing process, pharmacology, toxicology and current competition situation. CSC shall bear all MA costs and then sell the products in China market as exclusive agency. 

CSC is the pioneer and the leader that introduces pharmaceutical products legally from India to China. CSC has been actively guiding and promoting the pharmaceutical business between India and China through high-level conferences, book publishing and etc.

UP to 2018, CSC has signed exclusive agency agreement of 281 products with more than 80 pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.