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Catalogue Catalogue Nov. 23, 2020

As a wholly owned subsidiary of China Chinopharma Ltd (CSC for short), SHHY India Pvt. Ltd now is recruiting RA Manager on a urgent basis:

Job Description:
1. Responsible to collect DMF documents according to NMPA's requirements. Control the timeline of DMF submission from manufacturer, if any delay, find out the real reason and find an efficient solution.
2. Responsible to coordinate RA department and provide support to RA colleagues of China HQ. Planning to visit manufacturer’s corporate office or plant to meet their RA people, win their trust. 
3. Report to RA manager for other assigned tasks.
4. Keep track of orders, shipments, and quality through coordination with the suppliers. If necessary, on-site inspection will be needed.
5. Responsible to handle daily affairs in India office.
Job Requirements:
1.    At least 5 years’ working experience in Pharmaceutical industry.
2.    Be familiar with regulatory affairs, have experience of associating with China agent.
3.    Have rich experiences in DMF compilation.
4.    Good communication skills and strong coordinating ability.
5.    Understand China's regulatory laws issued by NMPA.
Working Place: Hyderabad, India.
Job Type: Contract Labor.
Salary: As per local salary level.

Any person who is interested in the position, please feel free to share your CV to: csc@csc.cn.

Looking forward to your join!