New Version of China Drug Administration Mobile Application Online

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Updated: 2019-09-10
Recently, the new version of NMPA's government website mobile application client China Drug Administration (hereinafter referred to as CDA) was released online. Standing at the user's point of view, the new version of CDA caters more to the user habits of public mobile applications, and to the public's demand for drug safety authority information. 
New look of Handheld Government Service 

To promote the One Network, One Door, One Time (One Network Online Service, One Door Offline Service and One Time OnSite Service) Reform and boost the public service level of the mobile application of NMPA government website, the new version of China Drug Administration has focused on creating government service sections. The Administrative Service Section comprehensively co-ordinates the functions related to NMPA departments, integrates the unified entry of government mobile applications, and continuously expands the scope of services along with the construction of government mobile applications . At present, CDA has integrated government service portals such as Government Affairs Hall, Local Drug Supervision, Data Enquiries, Complaints and Reports, etc. The user can easily find the entry for items to be handled in the Government Service Section, thus eliminating the distress of multi-party consultation and realizing “more e-service, less errands.
More convenient Pocket Data query 
The new version of China Drug Administration has opened a Data Query Section to provide users with data services. The  Section discloses information announced by NMPA for drugs, medical devices and cosmetics related products, enterprises and licensing progress, further optimized the data query methods and user experience, and provided two query methods: fuzzy query and single field query, to furnish the users with professional and authoritative data references. To pocket the regulatory data to users, the Data Query Section will continue to expand the data disclosure scope for the mobile terminal, providing more convenient services for the public, enterprises and supervisors.