Congratulations! CSC got 16 imported APIs' market approval from CFDA

Prev Next Aug. 01, 2018

During the past 2 months, CSC has got the marketing approval from CFDA for 16 imported APIs, namely: Duloxetine HCl, Fluoxetine HCl, Leflunomide from Alembic, Digoxin from Alkaloids, Voriconazole, Montelukast Sodium, Azelastine HCl, Olopatadine HCl from MSN, Latanoprost from Laurus, Letrozole from Ind-Swift, Mycophenolate Sodium from Concord, Betahistine HCl from Ami, Cyproheptadine HCl from Vasudha, Xylometazoline HCl from CTX, Zopiclone from Centaur, Nimesulide from Mangalam. Considering nowadays much stricter registration rules in China and the fact that the failure in the imported drugs registration increased dramatically since last year, this is really a big accomplishment that has been achievedunder our vendors' timely adjustment to the new registration guidelines and their inherent qualified works.

God help those who help themselves. We may fail when efforts were given, but we will definitely fail if no efforts are there. This success demonstrated CSC's leading ability in the field of imported drug registration in China, we have every confidence that with continuously support from our vendors, we will achieve much more in the coming times.