Hardware system:    All printing machines in public areas are non-stop monitored by camera for 24 hours. A certain number of printings need superiors’ permission.

Software systems:   (1) File encryption system: all files are self-locked, if anyone wants to send any file to outside, the files should be sent to Administrative Dept.for reviewing & approval first. Or else, the files can't be opened by the receiving party;

(2)USB is not readable in our office computers, photocopying  is not allowed;

(3) There are strict limits to how many bytes can be copied.

Structure: The registration team is divided into two groups, only dept. head has access to the entire set of DMF dossiers, other team members are responsible,for specified modules only. 

WHICH enables CSC well fulfill the obligation of confidentiality  agreement signed with business partners, no dossiers had been leaked in the past 13 years.